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Local Government

Mayor & City Council Members


  • Frank S. (Pete) Porter

City Council Members

  • Robert McBride
  • Billy Joe Jay
  • Edwin Duncan
  • KC Hope
  • Susie Alford

4A Tax Board -- Roscoe Industrial Board Members

  • Terry Willman
  • Billy Guelker
  • Randall Smith
  • Kade Johnson

4B Tax Board

  • Kay Aiken
  • Kelly Etheredge
  • Vicki Haynes
  • Rita Fried
  • David Pantoja
  • Alisa Parrott
  • Delma Boston

Roscoe Improvement Association

The purpose of the Improvement Association is to perform community improvements, development and economic development projects. Any project that will improve the quality of life for the community in conjunction with the city, school, and county.